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These newsletters are part of our effort to inform and include the community in our operations. Check back to read our latest quarterly newsletter and find out more about what is happening at the hospital.

Community Newsletter, May 2014

Since our last newsletter, there have been a lot of exciting changes at Children’s Hospital Oakland. We have been hard at work pursuing our Modernization Plan with the City of Oakland. In the next few months, a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be released, and the community will have the opportunity to review and provide written comments on the Draft EIR when it is issued later this summer.



Community Newsletter, November 2013

Over the past few months, we have heard several suggestions and comments about our Modernization Plan from neighbors who attended the City of Oakland public hearings and the Children’s Oakland sponsored community meetings. We have given your feedback serious consideration, and have been working hard to incorporate your input into the design of our Modernization Plan.


Community Newsletter, July 2013

We have heard from the community about your passionate interest in sustainability. We agree and believe that sustainability is vitally important to our mission. We are creating a path for the successful implementation of sustainable features in our new clinic and renovated hospital buildings. Environmentally sensitive and high performing buildings allow us to effectively deliver quality healthcare services and nurture the healing and health process of children and their families.


Community Newsletter, April 2013

Over the past 100 years, the neighborhood around Children’s Oakland has dramatically changed. The hospital has grown over time to accommodate technological advances and patient needs. The current vision for the modernized Children’s Oakland is the result of safety improvements required by the state and the desire for our buildings to reflect the quality of our care, improve the patient and family experience, and provide our neighborhood with an architectually beautiful structure they can be proud of.



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