Master Plan Project Construction Update • September 15 – September 22

Construction Update Progress at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

  • Ongoing construction activities include exterior enclosure of building on South Side, rubber flooring installation, casework installation, MEP trim finishes, service yard fuel tank installation, and painting and ceiling grid.
  • This Saturday, September 16, a crane pick will be used to hoist the fuel tank into the Service Yard. Therefore, the following activities will take place:
    • A crane will be sitting in the service yard area behind the 707 & 715 53rd Street houses.
    • A boom will be fully extended for no longer than 30 minutes in between 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
    • There will be temporary sidewalk and road closure of Dover Street between 52nd Street and 53rd Street during mobilization and demobilization of the crane.
    • The Sports Med building will be vacant during the short hoist.

Upcoming OPC1 Impacts

  • Noise impact associated with rotohammering will be incurred in OPC1 due to installation of the Fire Barrier between OPC1 and OPC2.
  • Projected dates and locations of work with noise impacts:
    • 9/18 – tear down scaffold 3rd to 2nd floor,
    • 9/19 to 9/26 – fire barrier at 2nd floor and inspection.

Upcoming Weekend Work

  • September 16 – Crane Pick for Fuel Tank in Service Yard, Interior & Exterior Finishes
  • September 23 – Interior & Exterior Finishes
  • September 30 – Interior & Exterior Finishes