Dear Neighbor,

I want to personally thank you for attending our neighborhood meetings to discuss our plans for new and renovated facilities at Children’s Hospital.

Our project is essential to improving the quality of service we provide to our patients and their families, as well as improving our neighborhood.

Throughout this process we intend to minimize the impact and disruption to the neighborhood, maximize the use of existing land and buildings, retrofit and modernize existing space, and develop plans that are consistent with the current height of our facilities.

Most importantly, we intend to provide an open line of communication between the hospital and the neighborhood. We hope to renovate and create new buildings that will enhance and improve the neighborhood for you, our patients, and for future generations.

We are evaluating the feedback from these meetings as we develop our thoughts on our approach to updating our facilities. We are looking forward to advancing our discussion in the coming weeks at our next meeting where we will have preliminary concepts based upon your input.  Our next series of community meetings will be on: Tuesday, April 24, from 9am-11am; Wednesday, April 25, from 7pm-9pm; and Saturday, April 28, from 9am-11am.

We have created a website for you to learn about the rebuild project, get updates and stay informed of upcoming events and meetings. For detailed notes from the presentation, please visit us at:

On behalf of Richard DeCarlo and TAYLOR, our architects, thank you again for participating and providing guidance at our March 2012 community meetings.

We appreciate your interest and input as we work to create this exciting project for the City of Oakland.



Bert Lubin, MD
President and CEO
Children’s Hospital